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The Delicious Gakuin Livejournal Community

Delicious Gakuin
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All Members , Moderated

(Drama) Cast

• Kitasaka Rouma - Nishijima Takahiro (AAA)
• Takasugi Rin - Aiba Hiroki
• Matthew Perrier - Miura Ryosuke
• Katsuragi Shugo - Atae Shinjiro (AAA)
• Nangou Ryuuji - Nakamura Yuichi
• Okita Tsukasa - Nagayama Takashi
• Tokudaira Yoshinobu - Shirosaki Jin
• Kodou Ken - Amano Hironori
• Hijikata Toshiki - Kawai Ryunosuke

(Stageplay) Cast

• Kitasaka Rouma - Nishijima Takahiro (AAA)
• Takasugi Rin - Sueyoshi Shuta
• Matthew Perrier - Hidaka Mitsuhiro
• Katsuragi Shugo - Atae Shinjiro (AAA)
• Nangou Ryuuji - Urata Naoya
• Also including Uno Misako, Ito Chiaki, misono, and DREAM.


• All posts must have something to do with Delicious Gakuin.

• Keep large pictures (or large amounts of pictures) or extremely long posts behind lj-cuts.

• Friends-lock your media posts. (Scans, Videos, Music, etc.)

• Anything that could be considered inappropriate or offensive should be labeled and kept under a cut.

• If you have a question, make sure it hasn't been answered in the Q&A on this page before you make a post.

• Don't comment on someone's post with an unrelated matter. (EX. If someone posted pictures, don't leave them a message like "Where can I get the "That's Right" mp3?" Make your own post.

• Respect your fellow fan. For example, if someone posts icons and tells you to credit them, credit them. If someone tells you not to direct link, do not direct link! It's very simple.

• !!! I really never expected this to be an issue, but if you have a question - ASK the question in your post. DO NOT make a post which says something like "WHAT THE F*CK? EXPLAIN EXPLANATIONS." That's ridiculous.


aiba_no_ai - A community for fans of Aiba Hiroki
attackallaround - A community for fans of AAA

Questions and Answers

Is Delicious Gakuin subtitled in english yet?
Please be patient. It is currently being subtitled by Gekiuma fansubs!

Where can I download Delicious Gakuin?
Check the memories, it's been posted here. =)

Where can I buy Delicious Gakuin?
Online! YesAsia has it.

How can I become an affiliate?
Make a post in the community with your request or send me an e-mail! ikkiyourface@aol.com

MODS ONLY!!! Change this info.