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Drama - Delicious Gakuin RAW Episodes 1 to 13 [FULL] (HQ) & gifs

Ok so here we have Episodes 1 through to 13!! YAY!! This has taken me a MEGA long time, as my internet has been throttled *smacks it* but it's finally done! So CELEBRATE!!! YAY!

Download HERE

ANDDD! I made some AAA gifs, Nishi and Shinjiro centric.

ShinjiroNishi-hipsbutt.gif image by BOE_4eva
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Thank you very much for these (love your .gifs, too!)
No worries! Im happy you liked them!! ^^

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Why yes, yes it is hehe ^^
thank you for uploading these <3 ... i've been waiting so long to find those episodes ^^ ...
but i don't understand japanese, so i can't watch them now XD~ ...
Thank you so much!! X3
I was waiting for these for such a long time and now I can finally get to see them! XDD
Thank you~~!♥
I was looking for it! Just saw six episodes and I can say I'm in love! ♥♥♥
thanks for sharing!^^