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[Selling] Delicious Gakuin DVDs [05 Aug 2012|04:12am]

[ mood | busy ]

Hi, I dunno if this is allowed in this community or if there's anyone left at all. It's been years since Delicious Gakuin was released, after all.
Anyway, I'm selling some stuff at my journal cause I'm moving, and I thought maybe someone from this community would be interested in the Delicious Gakuin DVDs I'm selling for 100€ (it's half the original price).

If you want more information, please visit my blog.

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BeachUni ~a multi-fandom RP~ [19 Mar 2011|01:02pm]


Welcome to Beach University, High School and Middle School.

Students from all over are joining the new school Umikani Gakuen, that stretches all from middle school up to university. It's already having a good reputation and has recruited top teachers from all around the world. It's already popular, what with the good education and the closeness to the beach with its white sand that lies just ahead.
Every student and teacher stays in the dorms, that is divided into four houses, one for each department; middle school, high school, university and teacher dorms.Though the teachers live in a dorm as well, it is a bit away from the student dorms, so that everyone gets some form of privacy. The students are not allowed to leave campus, but they don't know just how hard it would be to try. There is a town within the fences, that the students are allowed to visit whenever they do not have classes. There they can look at clothes, animals, visit cafés, the library, the cinema or the arcade and a lot of other things to keep them entertained.

beachuni  is a multi-fandom AU-RP, so you are entirely free to change people's ages if you so wish. Come join us whenever you want.

The RP is officially opened at  April 1st, with the start of the new school term and year, but you can start as early as you want, of course.

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Delicious Gakuin RPG on Dreamwidth [11 May 2010|08:36pm]

If anyone has a journal over on Dreamwidth, feel free to check out our newly-started Delicious Gakuin RPG. We still need Matthieu Perrier and Nangou Ryuuji.

It's a VERY casual game as you can see from the posts already made, basically just the characters talking to each other with no real plot. XD However, as casual as it is, I _do_ ask that anyone interested in applying please have decent writing skills (netspeak will be an immediate turn-off) and a good knowledge of how the characters might 'speak.'

I have a ton of invite codes so if you need one, let me know. :)
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[Download: DVD] Delicious Gakuin Stageplay (HQ) [27 Jul 2009|01:15pm]


So, I figured that since I've uploaded the Delicious Gakuin series RAW, that I would also up the stageplay. I'm not sure if it has been shared in the community before, but thats ok, I uploaded it anyways.

Now, because of the size of the file, I am only going to upload it to MU, though if anyone wishes to upload mirrors, as usual, I don't mind.

File Name: Delicious Gakuin Stage.avi
File Size: 1.25Gig
Video Length: 02:14:30
Download: HERE
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Naoya A Day [30 May 2009|05:18pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I'm hoping this is alright since it is AAA related:

Join naoyaaday. One Naoya pic, every day of the year! :D

Also requesting affiliation with the comm, if the mods are good with that?
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Drama - Delicious Gakuin RAW Episodes 1 to 13 [FULL] (HQ) & gifs [10 May 2009|06:53pm]


Ok so here we have Episodes 1 through to 13!! YAY!! This has taken me a MEGA long time, as my internet has been throttled *smacks it* but it's finally done! So CELEBRATE!!! YAY!

Download HERE

ANDDD! I made some AAA gifs, Nishi and Shinjiro centric.

ShinjiroNishi-hipsbutt.gif image by BOE_4eva
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[Download: DVD] Drama - Delicious Gakuin Behind the Scenes (HQ) [07 May 2009|10:58pm]


So here are the rest of the Behind The Scenes extras from the other discs. Hope i don't look like spam!! >.<

Downloads HERE
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[Download: DVD] Drama - Delicious Gakuin Extras (HQ) [06 May 2009|07:39pm]

I'm not sure if these have been shared before, or if they are simply hard to find. But I ripped all the bloopers and one of the 'Behind the Scenes' from the Delicious Gakuin DVDs.

Download HERE

I will upload more from the DVD's if people want, and i may upload episode RAWS as i believe there are few without chinese hard subs O.o am i right???

Enjoy ^^
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Omuraisu!!! song [07 Jan 2009|12:46pm]

Download the mp3/Read the kanji, romanji, and bad translation at my eljay
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Deligaku 5 DDL [04 Dec 2008|12:02pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Is now available on the Gekiuma Blog :D

Have fun~

Nango-sempai ♥♥

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Deligaku ep 5 Released! [23 Nov 2008|07:38pm]

[ mood | blah ]

It's been a loooong wait folks...



You can grab Delicious Gakuin Episode 5 off the torrent at d-addicts HERE!

Comments are appreciated :)

DDL in a week or so as usual~

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FIC: Unlikely Recipe [16 Oct 2008|02:43pm]

Title: Unlikely Recipe
Author: Haruka
Fandom: Delicious Gakuin
Rated: PG
Status: One shot
Summary: Two of the Delicious 5 are missing but Ryuuji knows where they are.
Warning: Mild yaoi.
Note: The fic is on InsaneJournal and will be F-locked after two days.

Deligaku ep 4 DDL [26 Jul 2008|12:14pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

Ooooops~ I totally thought I had posted >.>  <.<

Anyways episode 4 is available on the Gekiuma blog XD

Comments are always appreciated :)

On another note... I can't wait for episode 5~ Not half obvious who my favourite is, huh?

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Deligaku 04 [10 Jul 2008|08:22am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

 You can grab eppie 4 off the torrent at d-addicts here!

Comments are appreciated ^_^

DDL will be available on the Gekiuma Blog in a weeks time~

Sorry about the wait guys, we've been pretty busy these last few weeks and the delays has also been caused by idiots who insist on uploading to streaming sites -_-

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Deligaku ep 3 DDL [09 Jun 2008|01:28pm]

[ mood | cold ]

DDL now available on the Gekiuma Blog.

Please comment when taking ^^

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Deligaku ep 3 OUT! [02 Jun 2008|08:42am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

 You can grab it off the torrent at d-addicts here!

Comments are appreciated ^_^

DDL will be available on the Gekiuma Blog in a weeks time~

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[21 May 2008|09:19am]

I so love, this funny drama!! too bad that it has only 2 chap with inglish subb
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Deligaku ep 2 Released! [04 May 2008|07:42pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hi guys!

We've just released DeliGaku ep 2 over at d-addicts. You can grab it off the torrent HERE!

DDL will be available on the Gekiuma Blog in a weeks time :D


and comments are always appreciated! Keeps us very motivated! lol

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Delicious Gakuin Episode 01 RELEASED! [19 Apr 2008|02:56pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

Hi guys~~

Just letting you all know we've released Episode 01 at d-addicts XDDD

You can grab it HERE!


We'll be releasing direct download links in a week or so on the Gekiuma Blog, so please be patient.

[x-posted to attackallaround]

edit: The mods at d-a are taking forever to approve the torrent. Sorry about that ;_;

EDIT AGAIN: It's live and kicking!

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